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10 20 22 Easy Reader Letter to the Editor

Oct 20, 2022

Canopy over Redondo

Canopy over Redondo

Dear ER,

Please join me in supporting the efforts of the Redondo Beach City Council, Mayor the Public Works Department to protect, and increase the number of, trees on our public property. The City Council took a huge step forward this year by increasing in the budget funds to plant hundreds of new trees in public parkways and other open spaces. These trees will add shade, beauty, and other aesthetics that contribute to the character and well-being of our community. Working together with homeowners, businesses, and our residents, the City Council, Commissioners, and Public Works Department should continue to explore more opportunities to “green” our city streets, parks, and beach paths in a thoughtful and environmentally friendly way that benefits everyone.

Scott Behrendt

Redondo Beach Planning Commissioner

Redondo Beach

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